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My name is RJ Hervey.

I’m a published author, editor, copywriter, and educator based in the Portland, OR area. In the 6+ years that I’ve worked as a professional writer, I’ve published three short stories, two poems, two young adult fantasy novellas, an adult historical-fiction novel, and a variety of other content for both print and online mediums. Furthermore, I have experience working with screenplays, spec scripts, and pitch bibles.

The aforementioned projects have helped me develop professional-grade proficiencies in skills like research and data analysis, such as in the case of the historical-fiction novel, Winter’s Child, which was released through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program and deals heavily with obscure aspects of 15th century Florentine politics. Other projects, like the articles I’ve curated for the business magazine IdeaTAP, have pushed me to expand that skillset even further, thereafter encompassing the ability to conduct professional interviews, develop content, and deal directly with customers.

I hope that the content exhibited in my portfolio below can help showcase both my skillset and the broad range of styles and mediums with which I’m considered proficient. Please feel free to reach out to me directly at with any questions.

The Lightning Bug: Word Choice in a Thesaurus-Driven World

With the advent of new technology, there is an undeniable shift in the techniques and themes of literature. This is a trend that has permeated history. With the replacement of typewriters by digital word processors, we were introduced to a new ease of revision; with the invention of reading tablets like the Nook or the Kindle, we saw an alternative to spacious personal libraries; and with the increasing accessibility of the internet we’ve experienced the obsoleting of physical dictionaries and thesauruses.


IdeaTAP is an online magazine that business professionals can leverage to build and enhance relationships with their clients and prospects. [Copywriter for general content.]
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